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    Nature and Science, when all powers combine

    Nature and Science, when all powers combine

    The quest towards finding the right product is somewhat of an overwhelming experience, whether in a beauty store, or at a pharmacy, or thanks to Covid-19, primarily now on the internet. 

    It first takes a detailed understanding of your own skin and requirements to be able to really understand what’s good for you, and what isn’t. Then comes the hard part, to be able to decipher what brands are selling you, and what is really in the products you trust.

    Whilst we move to a more natural world, it is important to realize that it is science that has helped us get there. Science does not only include the harmful chemicals that have plagued the beauty industry for decades, but also includes breakthroughs that have enabled the harnessing of beneficial chemicals from plants, and other naturally occurring resources. Science allows us to measure the impact of ingredients and help guide us through continued research.  

    Information has become a lot more available today as compared to even a few years ago, so we would most certainly advise customers to do your research before adding any product to your beauty regimen. 

    In this blog, we will address a few main reasons why we should trust science, and demand transparency from brands.


    Let us first start with something a lot of us may know, that ‘natural’ is not all good. There are naturally occurring ingredients that are harmful to us humans, and also non-natural that are good for us. We know that organic ingredients deliver the plant benefits in their purest form, without any of the toxicity. We also know what ingredients are safe and non-toxic, but what about their absorption efficacy?

    We see brands advertise skincare ingredients like Vitamin C, but very little or no information on how much of the ingredient is really there, how efficiently does it gets absorbed by your skin, or what is the true benefit that you as a consumer can truly expect. 

    On the other hand, there are plants that are known to have some positive benefits but also deliver the negative effects if consumed in their natural form. This is again, where science comes in, to ensure that the beneficial chemicals are extracted from the plants and safely added into formulations to deliver their best impact. However, these hi-tech innovative ingredients come with a price, that many brands do not value enough. 

    Using of naturally derived ingredients is certainly the way forward, but we rely on technology and science to determine how best to use them. 

    At Ārem Beauty, our products break a few traditional rules, but this has only been possible as a result of innovative ingredients that bring together unique bio-actives and making them work in forms never done before. 

    We understand that beauty products are not just not made for the body, but also for the mind and the soul.