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    Are all natural make up products good for you?

    Are all natural make up products good for you?

    Although still open to interpretation, claims such as ‘natural’, ‘green’, ‘clean’,  have no set definition as yet and without a standard, can be misleading and open to misuse.

    When the terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ were used to describe edible products to signify that products made with ingredients that came from nature are better than those made in a lab. As this awareness grew into the cosmetics segment, brands had learned that consumers were attracted to the concept of non-synthetic products, and we saw a surge in the usage of these terms all over the place.

    Here are a few quick ways you can ensure that you’re clean expectations aren’t set too low;

    • Expect a full list of ingredients from the products you purchase, Not a partial list
    • Don’t fall for ‘chemical-free’ labels. Reema Patil, founder of Ārem Beauty says “Terms like chemical-free are technically incorrect because all ingredients are essentially chemicals, whether they are from a natural source or a synthetic one. Sometimes utilizing a natural source means rapid and unethical depletion of our planet and natural resources. An example here is citric acid – the global demand for citric acid has risen to exponential levels over the last decade, and if all of this was to be naturally harvested, it would simply be damaging to our natural eco-system. Hence, lab made, certified cruelty-free citrus acid is the benchmark acceptance from some of the most ethical food and cosmetic brands around the world.”
    • Know your skin, and what ingredients react with your skin in what way

    ‘Natural’, is no longer enough of a credential for beauty brands in 2021. As consumers continue to seek more information on what is in the products they put on their skin, zero-irritants, transparency, and customizability, we believe is the natural evolutionary standards of ‘natural’ makeup.

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