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    How to pick a highlighter shade for indian skin tones?

    How to pick a highlighter shade for indian skin tones?

    Skin is the largest organ in the body and it performs many important functions. One of them is the ability to produce the pigment melanin when stimulated by UV light. Melanin darkens the skin (making it appear tan) in order to protect if from sun damage. We come in a variety of skin tones and under tones. In this article, we’re going to cover the most common Indian skin tones and which highlighter shades best compliment them. 

    *The above chart is not an exact reference for all the different skin tones. 

    Indian skin tones also have different primary undertones. 


    The only two undertones missing here are red and peach. They are not commonly observed amongst Indian skin tones. 

    Let’s take foundation shades as an example, brands use alphanumericals to denote the various shades and undertones. 
    N – indicates neutral undertones 🍑 
    C- indicates ‘cool’ but these foundations are more yellow/golden toned
    W- indicates warm, these foundations have a red undertone. 

    When it comes to selecting a highlighter for Indian skin you can follow the below exercise. 

    Try to figure out which jewellery tone looks most flattering against your skin. It is likely that you choose to wear certain tones daily because somewhere deep down you already know that it complements you. So have a look at what you’re currently wearing! 

    1. Gold: If gold toned jewellery is your everyday go to, then you probably have a golden/yellow or neutral undertone. A highlighter with light gold or warm gold shimmer will most likely complement you. 
    2. Silver/White Gold: If silver tones look best on you, then you probably have a neutral or pink undertone. A highlighter shade that has a neutral pearlescent reflex will most likely compliment you. 
    3. Silver and Gold both look great and you can’t seem to decide between the two? Then you definitely have a neutral undertone! You can wear highlighters or any metallic tones.
    4. Rose Gold: If your skin tone is on the lighter side; you have a neutral skin tone. A rose gold highlighter shade will enhance the warmth in your skin tone. 
    • Whereas if your skin tone is on the deeper side and you have an olive skin tone, a coppery/bronze highlighter will complement you. 

    We all inherently have an understanding of what looks good on us so follow your instincts! 

    Our Dewstick highlighters shades look great on all Indian skin tones, as they sit translucent on the skin allowing only the metallic shimmer to reflect off your skin. Our sheer formula plays off and complements Indian skin tones in the most flattering way. 

    Golden hour – is peachy gold on light skin tones, warm gold on medium skin tones and light gold on deeper skin tones. 
    Tidal Moon – is a nude champagne shade that looks pinkish beige pearlescent on light skin tones, light champagne pearlescent on medium skin tones and silver pearlescent on deeper skin tones. 
    Dune Scape – looks like a fiery golden bronze on lighter skin tones, it makes the perfect bronzer to get that sun kissed look. On deeper skin tones, it looks more like a rose goldy bronze highlighter shade. 

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