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    Which is the best highlighter in india?

    Which is the best highlighter in india?

    There isn’t a single best highlighter in India, or the best highlighter for everyone… but there is a way to find the Best Highlighter for you specifically.

    Our founder and Pro Make Up Artist Reema Patil shares some key tips that you can follow to figure out which type of highlighter will best suit you!

    Highlighters come in various forms, they can be in the consistency of liquid, cream and powder. They can look matte, glossy, satin, dewy, shimmery, and glittery. Highlighting is all about achieving that “lit from within look” that makes you look healthy and radiant. With so many options out there, how would you go about selecting one that works for you? The two key factors you should consider when purchasing highlighter are: 

    1. Your Skin type
    2. Your Personal Preference and Style
    3. The Environmental conditions you live in

    1. Your Skin Type

    Have you ever noticed your highlighter looking funky after a few hours of wear? Sometimes when your skin is dry, powder highlighters can look textured and flaky and liquid highlighters wear off too fast (your dry skin absorbs the makeup, just drinks it up!) and when you have oily skin, cream highlighters glide around and your face gets excessively oily. This happens when your highlighter isn’t compatible with your skin type or there’s something going wrong during the application process. 

    Here’s an easy guide to see what consistency of highlighter suits your skin type.

    Skin typeLiquid Highlighter Cream Highlighter Powder Highlighter
    Combination Normalxxx
    Combination Dryxx

    x = compatiblex
    x* = Can wear if you set with transuclent powder2.  

    2. Your Personal Preference and Style

    This one is a biggie! We inherently gravitate towards the things that make us look like the best versions of ourselves. If your’e the kind of person whose style is more natural and minimal, you’ll probably like the same thing in your makeup. On the other hand, if your personal style is all about colourful/abstract/glittery outfits that are noticeable and attention getting, you’ll probably be comfortable wearing makeup that’s similar as well. 

    If you have a minimal and natural style:

    1. Opt for a highlighter with tiny shimmer particles that look more satiny/dewy.
    2. Pick a shade that complements your skin tone, you should be able to see the reflex of the highlighter only when the light hits your face, not all the time. 

    If your style is bold & colorful

    1. Opt for a highlighter that’s shimmery and sparklingb.
    2. Pick a shade that contrasts with your complexion making it more noticeable on your skin. 

    3. The Environmental conditions you live in

    Makeup products last and react differently according to the weather conditions you live in. 

    Hot & Humid weather

    Makeup doesn’t last very long in such conditions, especially if done wrong. It can glide around and wear off as the humidity causes you to perspire more than normal and tends to displace the makeup. Apply makeup in sheer layers and set your face with powder to keep your base intact all day. Key points: 

    1. Always set your face with powder. That should be the very last step, not setting spray as that leaves the face more wet and you need a more powdered finish, ‘cos you know you’re going to break a sweat as soon as you step out! 
    2. Powder products are your friend but they’re also the first to wear off when you sweat, the key is to touch up with powder through out the day so your makeup remains intact. 
    3. Cream products last the longest as they’re thicker and get absorbed slowly as compared to liquid and powder products, but they also tend to move around if not set with powder. 

    How can you apply this to choosing the right highlighter?
    Consider layering your makeup, start off by using liquid /cream products and end the application process with powder. 

    • Liquid and cream highlighters will work as long as you remember to apply a powder product on top (this can be either a translucent setting powder, compact foundation or powder highlighter).
    • Stand alone powder highlighter might wear off, so always use it on top of a cream or liquid highlighter. 

    Cold and Dry Weather

    Makeup generally stays put and lasts longer in such weather conditions, but there are indicators to help you pick right.

    • Wear products that are hydrating and of a heavier consistency. Cream products are ideal as they form an occlusive layer on the skin which prevents TEWL and keeps it from getting dry. 
    • It is also not necessary to set with powder, as powder products absorb moisture from your skin and make it feel dry and tight. 

    Cream and liquid highlighter will work and powder highlighter is not necessary. 

    So you see there is no one best highlighter that you can purchase as your skin type, external environmental factors and your style preferences all play an important role in the selection process. Our Dew Sticks were designed to be versatile so you can keep it simple and minimal, but also turn up the glow when you’d like. They work in hotter climates by not getting too oily and oily wearing off naturally over time, and for the colder climates, the supercharged hyaluronic acid delivers continuous hydration!

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