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    Giving Back

    “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”
    – Maya Angelou



    Giving back to the planet

    Ārem commits 2% of all sales towards the preservation of our planet, what we’re calling the ‘Planet Fund’. Oceans and beaches are very close to our hearts, and therefore marine and environmental preservations efforts will be a primary focus for us during these initial stages. 

    Whilst the Indian government gives tax breaks only on select organizations, we will also be considering those that do not deliver tax benefit to us, so long as they are able to supply sufficient documentation to pass our internal vetting process, and demonstrate the exact activities that our funds will be going towards.

    If you are any form of beach, marine life, ocean or environmental preservation organization in or around India, and would like to apply for our ‘Planet Fund’, contact us now.

    Giving back your product tubes after use

    Yes, we said we meant it in different ways. 

    Our Dew Stick tubes are entirely made of only one material – PP plastic. This ensures that they are 100% recyclable without needing any dismantling. We have also minimized our packaging materials to using only a mere ~4g of tube material to deliver ~7g of product, which we hope to be over a year’s supply. 

    Having said that, we need your help and support to ensure that our product tubes do in fact get recycled. 

    We have partnered with local plastic manufacturers in Maharashtra who will be using our PPE plastic tubes as raw materials for their production requirements. This means that we will be able to entirely re-purpose your product tube after you’re done using it with minimal logistical emission and environmental impact.

    When you are done using your product, contact us to find your closest drop off/shipping location.